It has been a busy year for KiwiRPG creators!

So many fun games and great shows doing amazing things – join us today for a whirlwind tour of what else we’ve been up to in 2024! You might just find your new favourite show-slash-game! 

Start with the Game or Show? table…

Game or Show? (roll 1d4)

  1. Roll on the Wandering Games table!
  2. Roll on the Wandering Shows table!
  3. Roll on BOTH tables and enjoy both at the same time!
  4. Don’t roll at all, just methodically click through every single link below because how can you resist??

If you encounter a game or show, make sure you check for surprise and encounter distance.

Good luck!



Wandering Games (roll 1d20)

  1. Lineages of the Long White Cloud, Aotearoa animal backgrounds for D&D 5E (also on itch!), by Kelly Whyte
  2. Super Cryptid Friends, a new game from City Square Studios: play as Cryptids working together to defend your habitat, if proof of your existence gets out you lose!
  3. Deathmatch Island, on a mysterious island of strange secrets, the game is just the beginning. Paragon System game by Old Dog Games and Evil Hat Productions.
  4. Arcane Crime Division Casebook, five new cases for Arcane Crimes Division from Imaginary Empire
  5. A Small Patch of Moss, by takataapui — Become a small patch of moss in a big bog. A solo game, you only need yourself, a few minutes, and the ability to imagine yourself as a patch of moss.
  6. 25th Century Vampires, cyberpunk vampires and neon demons using the 24XX system, by Sam Robson
  7. Blades & Darkness, a Lasers & Feelings hack inspired by Blades in the Dark, by Sam Robson
  8. These Little Delusions, a one-page RPG approximation of delusion, by takataapui
  9. The Time Eater, a mystery for Monster of the Week, by Malcolm Harbrow. One scientist has gone missing, and another has been found shrunken, withered, horrifically aged, and very, very dead…
  10. The Ripped Rats of Raineford, a tower dungeon for Meatheads by S. Murphy
  11. Into the Oldest Tower, an adventure for Free League’s Dragonbane, by Marcus Bone (Unbound Publishing) — Deep in the Krummer Mountains stands an old and broken tower with a dark secret…
  12. It All Started In A Tavern, The Big Book from BeaDnD, for D&D and other fantasy games!
  13. The 52 Pickup Free Issues Collection from City Square Studios: original tabletop & board games completely for free every single month!
  14. Lore Library — created by Hugh Lashbrooke, a way to create a public, searchable catalogue of all available content for your tabletop role-playing game
  15. Dice the Halls — a kid-friendly Christmas adventure for d12GO!, by Brad Zimmerman. Find Santa in time for his big delivery!
  16. Tangled Blessings: Rock Band — a supplement for Tangled Blessings by GothHoblin — start a rock band with your fellow Brackroot Academy students!
  17. Strike Force: Oz — Join an elite squad of magical special operatives in the whimsical world of Oz, for D&D 5E, by Mockm
  18. White Magick: The Angels, a supplement for Wreck This Deck, by The Forger’s Hand
  19. Shadowrun: The Needle’s Eye, a plot book for Shadowrun, including work by Grant Robinson   
  20. BUNDLE SURPRISE! There are lots of new releases in the itch and Drivethru Bundles! ROLL ON THE BUNDLE SURPRISE MINI TABLE BELOW
Bundle Surprise Mini Table (roll 1d10)
  1. The Accursed, a 5e class (itch and DTRPG) by Kelly Whyte
  2. Mermaid Bay: Go Where the People Aren’t, a mystery for Monster of the Week, from Mr Ray and Sero (Redgate & Wolf) (also on itch!)
  3. Explorers of the Forever City, a rules-light fantasy game about ordinary people making extraordinary discoveries, by Sam Robson
  4. Hard Sell, on Itch and DriveThruRPG — a standalone negotiation game and system-agnostic bartering module by Hugh Lashbrooke
  5. A bunch of stuff for Traveller from FSpace Publications
  6. gothHoblin’s Fresh Blood solo Firelights game, and issue 2 of gothHoblin’s Grimoire Issue 2: Ancient Magic
  7. Sam Robson’s Tower in the Meadow solo game and
  8. Voidwalkers for Forged in the Dark by Sam Robson
  9. it is a beautiful day in the wetland and you are a horrible bittern, a swampy solo RPG by takataapui
  10. Capybara for Mausritter, a capybara, for Mausritter, by Hugh Lashbrooke



Wandering Shows (roll 1d20)

  1. Kea: Mountain Trolls, a one-shot of mountain parrot mayhem from Sero Does Stuff (YouTube video)
  2. Severus Svarti’s Magical Funfaire, a Monster of the Week one-shot from Sero Does Stuff that went kaiju-weird in the first five minutes and never looked back (YouTube video)
  3. Dungeon Leap: Dawson’s Keep, a teen angst-tastic D&D 5E mashup of Quantum Leap, Dawson’s Keep, and the Keep on the Borderlands, from the Diceratops podcast (podcast episodes)
  4. The Great Monster Make-Off!, Monster of the Week monster and mystery building in game show format, featuring creator Michael Sands (podcast episode)
  5. Dungeons & Comedians: Potion’s Eleven, a D&D/Blades in the Dark mashup played live on stage with an animated intro, costumes, accompaniment on double bass, and a twist ending worthy of Danny Ocean.
  6. D&D out of context, a hilarious short slice of actual play from Dice Legenz
  7. Vahid from Dice Legenz talks with Viva La Dirt League’s Adam, a long-form chat about making one of the world’s biggest D&D shows!
  8. Getting Dicey plays through ALIEN: Chariot of the Gods!
  9. Wizards and Warp Drives, a new podcast from A J Pickett and Nacho covering geek culture from comic books to role-playing games!
  10. The Tear-Able Adventures of the Janderson Breffords Parchment Company — the grand finale episode of this epic/silly/both D&D podcast campaign that really understand the value of electrum
  11. GM Breakout‘s Kiwi and international crew rounded off their Pathfinder 2e actual play with the longest-standing PC picking up the GM’s idea for a retrospective and gleefully running off with it into the darkness
  12. Saturday Knights: Another D&D Live Show/Podcast also finished their run, as their very assorted crew of 5e misfits try to save the world and/or their house
  13. Deadbeat Dungeons and Dragons “The only D&D podcast where the setting has daddy issues” arrived, delivering a lot of character and SO many dads.
  14. Tycho’s Tales, a new discussion podcast about all sorts of TTRPGs! 
  15. A deep dive review of new D&D adventure Vecna: Eve of Ruin, by Brad Thompson (Cutting Words) 
  16. Carrion Company: Preacher Tailor Soldier Spy, the latest episode of a Warhammer Fantasy Roleplaying saga at the Toa Tabletop podcast
  17. The Rando Stream: The Entertainer, a two-part actual play of The Expanse RPG!
  18. Fate of Isen Book 2 ep 39: Wasted Guardian, D&D with a room filled with strange ancient secrets, Granny as a crab, and a mystery within a mystery within another mystery!
  19. Wait, Roll That Again ep 8, the final episode of season one, where the journey to create the Fight or Fright RPG led to some powerful insights about game design
  20. Of Horrors and Heroes continues their Rolemaster Actual Play — it’s episode 118 of Ain’t No Place For A Hero, “The Pain of Reanimation”

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