Get in on this year’s selection of great Kiwi games!

Today’s spotlight is on the KiwiRPG game bundles on DriveThruRPG and! These collections of games and supplements will be available all through KiwiRPG week.

We’re always saying KiwiRPG week is here to promote tabletop gaming for Aotearoa, but we also don’t like showing off around here. So we’ve tricked our creators into doing some self promotion by banding together and sharing. We like that better, right?

Anyway, what that means is not one but two bundles with properly metric buttload of awesome games and supplements stuff for about a fifth of full price.

Check out the DriveThruPRG KiwiRPG Week 2024 bundle with works from 10 kiwi creators for just $30 USD. (It goes live about 9am NZT.)

Check out the KiwiRPG Week 2024 bundle with works from 9 kiwi creators for just $15 USD. (It goes live… now? It’s meant to be live now!)

You need to go and look because there really is something for everyone, but if the links aren’t quite live yet we can give you a wee peek…

The DriveThruRPG bundle

The DriveThruPRG KiwiRPG Week 2024 bundle gets you work from 10 creators for 79% off full price.

a collage of screenshots of the DriveThru titles

What have we got here…?

Okay straight off the bat here’s A History of Magic – Arcane Crime Divisions Quickstart. You can dive into the world of Imaginary Empire’s Arcane Crimes Division tonight as part of KiwiRPG week’s Seven Days of Streaming [check the schedule].

Yep yep we like our wildlife, it’s Kiwi Acres – Adventure Collection for Mausritter, keep an eye out for more birds, there’s a Penguin Tale, oops no that’s a spooky mermaid.

We got Detailed Doskvol Street Maps for Blades in the Dark (from Old Dog Games, also responsible for Monday’s game stream) and grimoires and a space taxi, corporate onboarding and creation myths and what’s the matter, can’t see details in the picture? Guess you need to check it out for yourself on DriveThruRPG

The bundle

The KiwiRPG Week 2024 bundle gets you work from 9 kiwi creators for 80% off full price.

A grid of game and supplement covers from the 2024 KiwiRPG bundle


Okay, also wow.

We’ve got tables there and tower defences and tough tshirts…

Looks like we’ve got that classic kiwi Gothic, there’s cemetery graves, ancient magic, fresh blood and ancient magic. 

Oh it’s Odyssey Aquatica from (wait for it) Old Dog Games. You can get a taste of another, differently evocative and visually stunning game from Old Dog’s Tim Denee as we stream Deathmatch Island on Monday [check the schedule].

And more critters with 10 Downing, Hugh Lashbrooke’s Mausritter campaign wiht the mice that live alongside the British Prime Minister. We do love our critters.

OKAY STOP THE CLOCK there is a Capybara in this bundle.

WAIT WHAT THE HECK there’s a It’s a beautiful day in the wetland and you are a horrible bittern.

See it all for yourself on

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