Nau mai, haere mai


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Tabletop RPGs, Kiwi Style 

Design And Play Under The Long White Cloud

This is Aotearoa (New Zealand), the land of the long white cloud, a nation of islands located deep in the southern Pacific Ocean.

We make games, we play games. Through #KiwiRPG you will discover a new constellation of world-class TTRPGs and actual play shows.

We may be far from the rest of the world, but our games belong everywhere. The peoples of this land have always known how to cross oceans.

What Is KiwiRPG?

The Story Behind The Hashtag

TTRPG creatives in Aotearoa started actively linking up under  the #KiwiRPG hashtag in 2021. We are an eager team-up of podcasters, live streamers, youtubers, and game designers.

It isn’t always easy to share news of our creations with the rest of the world. We can’t easily make it to GenCon or Dragonmeet! However, everyone here sort of knows everyone else*, and #KiwiRPG uses these friendly networks to combine our voices and reach further, together.

(* not actually a joke, it really is like that here)

Photo: Vahid Qualls (DiceLegenz)

What You Can Do

Supporting And Joining KiwiRPG!

Whether you’re right here in Aotearoa or on the far side of the globe (kia ora España!), we’re sure you’ll find something exciting here and under the #KiwiRPG hashtag. 

We encourage you to try our games and explore our shows, and be sure to spread the word when you find something that catches your imagination. 

If you’re a Kiwi and a TTRPG creative, or you want to be, then link in with our network! Use the contact form for more info, or just start using the #KiwiRPG hashtag on your work.

Contact Us

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The Contact Us form will reach website administrators Morgan Davie, Lyndon Hood and Azul Alysum, who will take messages where they need to be.




KiwiRPG is a group effort but there is one specific credit to acknowledge: our kaupapa was first established by Liam Stevens when he created the KiwiRPG designer discord. Kia ora Liam, we appreciate the mahi put in at the foundation of KiwiRPG to ensure we are standing on solid ground.