The game design community in Aotearoa New Zealand has been punching out fascinating and fresh game designs for a long time! KiwiRPG creatives have been releasing indie games ourselves and contributing to top-tier game lines known all over the world. Follow the logo links at the bottom of the page or explore the spotlights below to discover more!

Game Spotlights

Take a tour through the KiwiRPG designer and creator scene with these spotlight features. See all our game posts in the “Games” blog category.

Also Available In [Your Favourite Game]

So far we’ve explored lots of exciting games that have been launched into the world from Aotearoa. Look at them all! So shiny! Now, to bring our tour of the

The Past and the Future of Making Games Here

Let’s start with goblins. Making games, and content for games, in Aotearoa New Zealand was not always easy. We had game designers like everywhere else, but their games tended to

The Driver’s Guide to Kiwi RPG Highway One

In the first part of our tour de KiwiRPG design, I zoomed in on three creators as a starting point for navigating the back roads of TTRPG design in Aotearoa.

Games from KiwiRPG

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