Aotearoa is home to many creators bringing TTRPG shows of all kinds to stage, stream, podcast, and YouTube channel! Follow the logo links at the bottom of the page to find out about each show!

The KiwiRPG Chorus

The KiwiRPG Chorus podcast brings together samples of new kiwi actual plays, special interviews, the beginning of a new series, or anything else our membership comes up with!

The shows feed

Ready for a big feed? We’re building this list of the newest updates for kiwi podcasts and video channels. But check the logo links below for live streams and past shows!

Show spotlights

You can read articles about the KiwiRPG actual-play-o-sphere, past and present, in our Shows blog category.

Shows from KiwiRPG

Explore the many shows created by members of Kēmu Whakatau O Aotearoa! Every show listed below is led by a member of KiwiRPG who has agreed to uphold the kaupapa that appears on our homepage. Explore all the different formats! (Also see this podchaser list of #KiwiRPG podcasts!)

If you make a show and you’re part of Aotearoa, then why not join KiwiRPG? Find out more here!