Aotearoa is home to many creators bringing TTRPG shows of all kinds to stage, stream, podcast, and YouTube channel! Follow the logo links at the bottom of the page or explore the spotlights below!

Show Spotlights

Get a taste of what’s happening in the KiwiRPG actual-play-o-sphere. See all our feature spotlights in the “Shows” blog category.

A taste of kiwi

How kiwi is #kiwiRPG? Kiwi as! Aotearoa New Zealand’s cultural output has its own unique flavour – as does the kiwifruit (which we imported from overseas and then made our

We’re doing it live!

Aotearoa’s TTRPG shows do like getting onto a real stage – and a few started there. #kiwiRPG Week 2022 has two of them, and they’re also streaming live. It has

Kiwi Roleplay, Beyond D&D

Tabletop game live streaming in Aotearoa started in a parody superhero universe, and we still don’t need dragons to have fun. (Maybe it’s because we already have our own lizard

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There are many RPG shows in Aotearoa New Zealand. Look around! Click on all the things! (Also see this podchaser list of #KiwiRPG podcasts!)

If you make a show and you’re in, or from, Aotearoa, then we’d love to add you – get in touch! (Also if you’re a Kiwi on an international show, you can still be on this list if your show producers like the idea!)