Say hello to the new best way to get KiwiRPG goodness in your ears!

A special one today: a new KiwiRPG podcast that catches the best RPG audio from across the motu and brings it right to you!

This can be considered KiwiRPG’s official podcast feed, but like pretty much everything in our association, it comes from one person who had a great idea and then made it happen. Alex Marinkovich-Josey makes the fantastic podcast Wait, Roll That Again, documenting his journey making his own new RPG Fight or Fright (which you can see played live on Wednesday as #4 of our 7 Days of Streaming).

Now he’s turned his podcast skills towards our whole community! Here’s what he has to say:

“At KiwiRPG, we’re lucky enough to have a number of fantastic podcasters in in our membership, and to help celebrate their work we’ve created a new podcast feed!

Introducing The KiwiRPG Chorus, the podcast feed that takes episodes and interviews from across the membership and uploads them all in one feed, right for you to listen to!

Every 2 weeks, we’ll have a new episode from across the membership to share, whether it’s a new Actual Play, a special interview, the beginning of a new series, or anything else our membership comes up with!

So check out The KiwiRPG Chorus, and discover just how good we do podcasting. Find the feed wherever you find good podcasts.”

The KiwiRPG Chorus is already live on podcast platforms. The first two episodes feature interviews with Hamish Cameron about his game The Sprawl (live streamed Tuesday in 7 Days of Streaming #3) and Tim Denee about his game Deathmatch Island (streamed on Monday, you might find a recording on our twitch). 

Find the KiwiRPG Chorus now wherever good podcasts are sold, er, given away! Here’s a link with lots and lots of podcast venues.

Or check out an episode below right now!

RSS The KiwiRPG Chorus

  • [INTERVIEW] - Hamish Cameron Talks SPRAWL (PBTA Cyberpunk)
    Find out how to visit a cyberpunk future, PBTA style, as Aotearoa TTRPG designer Hamish Cameron chats with KiwiRPG's Morgan Davie about his role-playing game The Sprawl! The Sprawl is a cyberpunk game Powered By The Apocalypse. First published in 2016, it now has many fans around the world. Find out more about it here: […]
  • [INTERVIEW] Deathmatch Island with Tim Denee
    To celebrate the release of Kiwi RPG Deathmatch Island we chat with it's creator Tim Denee, just in time for Kiwi RPG week. The KiwiRPG Chorus is a podcast feed that brings together interviews, special episodes, and more from across KiwiRPG's membership and right to you! Find KiwiRPG on our Website: ⁠

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