You want new releases? Mate, we’ve got new releases!

There’s heaps of great stuff launching as part of KiwiRPG week – special episodes, new games, and crowdfund campaigns – covering Monster of the Week, OSR, D&D 5E, For The Queen, and more!

Let’s dive into this treasure hoard of awesome and swim around in it, Uncle Scrooge style! 

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New games!

These fresh releases are out for KiwiRPG week – and we’re going to play one of them for you TONIGHT!

You can find links for more creators and a feed of their work as it comes on our Games page.

Body Swap by the Big Top — a Monster of the Week mystery. Everyone loves that body swapping episode from their favourite TV show and now your hunters can experience it first-hand! (Part of the KiwiRPG itch bundle!)    

Brawl of the Odd — a system-agnostic fight club and PVP arena, especially suited to OSR games like Into the Odd, but compatible with any system 


Fight or Fright — a Halloween game about trick-or-treating kids with magical costumes, scary possessed decorations, and (of course) candy! The development of this game was documented on the podcast Wait Roll That Again, and now it’s here!

See Fight or Fright live on Wednesday on our Twitch channel as part of KiwiRPG’s Seven Days of Streaming.

For the Grail by Sam Robson — A Descended From the Queen game in which players explore the relationships, struggles and triumphs of a group of Arthurian knights on a grand quest.

Gaspunk by S. Murphy (Part of the KiwiRPG DriveThruRPG bundle!) Gaspunk is an irreverent rules light post-apocalyptic roleplaying game. New revised version! 


Gaspunk adventure Drytongue Valley and the Bunker of Orbital Fortune by S. Murphy — Drytongue Valley is a hexcrawk setting for Gaspunk set in a desert that will kill you.

Paranormal Wellington: Optimal Edition by Morgan Davie — a revised and updated version of the spooky silly Kiwi classic Paranormal Wellington, a game of bumbling supernatural investigation while TV cameras follow you around.

The Creature from the Black Drain — a mystery for Monster of the Week, by Malcolm Harbrow, and set in Aotearoa New Zealand   


the farmer and the bog body by takataapui/Riwhi Kenny — (Part of the KiwiRPG itch bundle!)  A two player game about a tender conversation between a farmer and a bog body. Players trade 7 questions back and forth, with each question asked leading down a different branching conversational path.-


Crowdfunding Corner!

Help make exiciting stuff and get rewards? Heck yeah!

The Spirits of Wyvernfall is LIVE ON KICKSTARTER NOW! A mystery for 5e by Kelly Whyte. Players investigate a series of undead hauntings in a small town where all is not as it seems to be..


Bards of Aratai sign up now for campaign launch! BARDS OF ARATAI is an exciting and hilarious 5E YouTube series by Dice Legenz. Help them make the show and get wonderful rewards, including a BARDS OF ARATAI campaign setting book!  


Daedalus Station and the Rimspace Racing League sign up now for campaign launch! A Hub adventure for Mothership 1e, by S. Murpy Games.


Special Episodes!

All our episodes are special but these are the ones we’re putting in this post. Check for any we’ve missed with the links and feeds in Our Shows.

The Lost Koz D&D podcast debuted at last year’s KiwiRPG week –- and they celebrated in style with a brilliant 1 year anniversary episode


KiwiRPG member Vex guests on TTRPG design podcast Why We Roll!


Special KiwiRPG one-shot fun with a playthrough of GothHoblin’s iconic game TRASH PALS by longtime friends of KiwiRPG, $2 Creature Feature!


Dungeons & Comedians presents video from their newest and most incredible live show, a post-apocalyptic rumble that could only be called… MIN MAX. Featuring live animation and a real-life Dexterity challenge!


The Diceratops Presents podcast offers a one-shot of the Paranormal Wellington Optimal Edition, in which heads detach from bodies and local council ordinances are invoked… 


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