The week is ending! KiwiRPG week has been tremendous fun and we’ve done lots of cool things! So that’s it, see you later! Bye now!

Wait just a second!

What’s this? 

It says that’s the last track on the CD… but it’s still playing? Oh my goodness, there are BONUS TRACKS on this CD! The most exciting tracks of all!

Last minute surprise KiwiRPG bonus tracks

ThisIsRubyOK’s video playthroughs of solo RPGs – dive into the world of solo RPGs with Ruby and enjoy playthroughs of a bunch of brilliant and unique experiences… Save Community Radio, The Siren’s Calling, Quill, Muse, These Teeth Are Mine, and more!


Death on the Dessarin, for D&D 5E, by the Forger’s Hand. It is the tail end of winter, coming into spring, and you stand astride the deck of a riverboat called the Harvest Moon… A first-level adventure for beginners and experts alike, designed to be flexible and adaptable while covering all pillars of play. 


Game jam entries! The jam isn’t over as I write but there are already some fun-looking entries in the KiwiRPG week 20-minute game jam (spotlight blog about it here). Go see! 


Aotearoa critters become 5e monsters ! Four creature stat blocks that were made during a special Dice Legenz world building stream Vahid ran as part of KiwiRPG week. Discover the Giant Wētā, Dire Kiwi, Dire Kiwifruit Plant, and Sandfly Swarm! (Oh gosh the last one is TERRIFYING)


Gungeons and Dragons! Aotearoa’s longest running kid’s show is delivering a brilliant take on D&D for kids, with Te Aihe Butler as GM, and Dungeons & Comedians core player Tom Eason as writer/director 



Okay that’s it for real now, this is really the end. After the closing ceremony tonight, at the end of the Monster of the Week livestream, we’re done!

Thanks for joining us this time! See you next year! Ka kite anō!

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