KiwiRPG week returns this month!

The third annual KiwiRPG week begins Sunday June 23rd and runs until Saturday June 29th, celebrating Kiwi excellence in tabletop role-playing games!

KiwiRPG week coincides with the celebration of Matariki, the beginning of a new year. It’s the perfect time to acknowledge the year that has been, and  look forward with pride to new challenges. We invite everyone to join us and discover what we are all about!

This year’s KiwiRPG week is sponsored by Bea DnD Games! Thanks Bea DnD!


The backbone of our celebration is something we’ve never tried before, a week-long livestream special event. Every day, a different Kiwi game will be played by Kiwi players, live on the new KiwiRPG Twitch channel!

Watch GMs and players from Kiwi actual play shows take on a wild menu of incredible Kiwi-designed game: TTRPG megahit Monster of the Week, new hotness Deathmatch Island, legendary cyberpunk game The Sprawl, fantasy buddy cop tales Arcane Crimes Division, hilarious boardroom brutality in Merger, Halloween kid shenanigans in Fight or Fright, and the world-famous-in-New Zealand d12GO! in zombie action mode.

And while you’re watching, win prizes from local legends and KiwiRPG sponsors, Bea DnD Games (shipping to NZ only)!

KiwiRPG week also features:
  • The launch of new games and adventures including material for Monster of the Week, Dungeons & Dragons 5E, Descended From The Queen, and new editions of some fan-fave standalone Kiwi games! 
  • Brilliant game bundles packed with Kiwi games, available all week on the two major RPG storefronts, DriveThruRPG and!
  • A new KiwiRPG podcast gathering the best episodes of other Kiwi shows as well as all-new special features!
  • A game jam event running all week, welcoming contributions from game designers anywhere in the world!
  • Special daily discounts at Bea DnD to celebrate different aspects of RPGs!
  • And more to be announced!
How to find out more

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