KiwiRPG Week Is Coming!

From Sunday 1 to Sunday 8 May 2022 we will be celebrating and showcasing Tabletop Role-Playing Games design and play from Aotearoa New Zealand.

Join us for the first ever #KiwiRPG week!

What is #KiwiRPG?

This March, #KiwiRPG is launching! Join us on Twitter and other platforms from the 1st of May through to the 8th of May as we launch our hashtag and invite players and designers from around the world to see what Aotearoa has to offer. 

If you’re a Kiwi TTRPG designer living at home or abroad, contact us to join in as we plan and share ideas in the lead up to #KiwiRPG week. If you have a roleplaying podcast, channel, stream, or show with a Kiwi connection, get in touch!

The intention of #KiwiRPG is to create a space for designers to come together, learn from one another and uplift one another. We also aim to highlight games created by Kiwis and curate an online space where locally made games can be found and shared. 


A guy holding two swords in lit up smoke and looking weird
Dungeons & Comedians. Photo: Emma Brittenden

#KiwiRPG was inspired by #RPGSEA and #LATAMBreakout. While we don’t face the same economic challenges as our colleagues in Latin America and South East Asia, time zones and the relative isolation of Aotearoa create difficulties in networking and marketing that are difficult to penetrate. Additionally, the isolation of designers in Aotearoa from one another means that especially in these times we don’t get many chances to test our games at conventions, or offline. #KiwiRPG aims to alleviate these difficulties and create a welcoming environment where designers can flourish. 

As a collective, #KiwiRPG strives to honour Te Tiriti, uphold the dignity of all, regardless of gender, sexuality, race or ableness, and stand against hate and prejudice. 

Any Kiwi game designer or other TTRPG creative who wishes to be associated with #KiwiRPG is more than welcome to use our hashtag and logo on their own work.

Wait, what’s a TTRPG?

Good question! Thanks for asking.

TTRPGs are Tabletop Role-Playing Games. These are games where the players take the role of characters or tell stories together, by talking about what happens and often with rules that use things like pens, paper, and dice – the sort of thing you can do together around a table.

You might think of the one with the fantasy heroes and the dragons but there are TTRPGs in every genre you can imagine, where players can be anything from a space mechanic to an ordinary teen to a sad planet orbiting a dying sun.

Different games can offer different things to enjoy: escapism and excitement, emotional exploration, tactical gameplay, the satisfaction of telling a story together, or just having fun with your friends.

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