Looking for new content to spice up your game table, virtual or otherwise? Want to support Kiwi creatives? Then you should check out the two active Kickstarters below, both of which have a bit of Kiwi in them. Added bonus: they have already reached their funding goals!

Book of Devotion

Photo of the front cover of the Book of Devotion along with text reading: Project we Love Kickstarter - Funded in 4 days!

The Book of Devotion is a beautifully illustrated anthology artbook, showcasing the work of 49 artists and writers. This volume includes lore-like descriptions of 12 deities and 24 characters who can be included in any fantasy TTRPG setting. You’ll get 80+ pages of content, available in both PDF or in print. You can also get other physical items at higher tiers and as add-ons. The washi tape is unique and cute!

Kiwi creative involved: gothHoblin – writer.
Campaign ends: Friday 14 June 2024 – 6am.
By: Sleepy Wyrm Creative Guild.

HYPERBOREA: Modulistic Terror

Cultist about to sacrifice a scantily clad someone, a swordsperson dropping in to give death from above.

North Wind Adventures is Kickstarting three new adventure modules for their role-playing game of swords, sorcery, and weird science-fantasy, HYPERBOREA®. Each module is available individually as a PDF or in print, as well as in bundles. If stretch goals are met other items, like bookmarks and t-shirts, will be included if you back the physical books. So far the bookmark goal has been reached. 

The module titles include:

  • Vanishing Isles of the Summer King*

  • Thousand Eyes of Thaumagorga

  • Oblation Slab of the Hepatomancer

Kiwi creative involved: Johnathan L. Bingham – art and *adventure module writer.
Campaign ends: Wednesday 12 June 2024 – 4am.
By: Jeffrey Talanian at North Wind Adventures.