Shows. We Got Them.

Photo: Dungeons & Comedians

There are lots of exciting and hilarious TTRPG shows to discover in the #KiwiRPG community. Over the coming weeks we’ll introduce some of them in blog posts just like this one! Heck yeah, blog posts!

How Do You Like Your Fun?

Whatever your preference, there are KiwiRPG shows to suit your needs! Podcasts, YouTube shows, and Twitch live streams are all ready and waiting, and if you happen to be in country, there are regular live performance show in many centres.

Dungeons & Dragons is of course a common focus for these shows but it doesn’t stop there. All sorts of other TTRPGs can be found across the menu of KiwiRPG offerings!

World-Class Chaos, Right Here

Image: Janderson Breffords Parchment Company

Take the time to explore what we have to offer. No need to rush, after all, the Kiwi accent is the world’s sexiest. You only need to hear us mumble “roll for initiative” once, and you’ll be with us for life, and that’s a guarantee!*

* Not actually a guarantee

KiwiRPG week begins Saturday 19 March. Don’t miss it!

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