Kiwi games, for everywhere.

Aotearoa New Zealand is home to a thriving creative scene for tabletop roleplaying games. We’re pretty small, but we turn that into a strength by watching the rest of the world closely and supporting each other to learn fast, chase our ideas hard, and stay kind. 


close up of polyhedral dice. some are pink and some are sparkly
In the Southern Hemisphere, dice spin in the opposite direction. That’s a totally true dice fact. Photo: Vahid Qualls

Take a Game Tour

During KiwiRPG week we’ll offer a guided tour of the amazing TTRPG content generated here.

There will be games you already know, and games you’ll be delighted to discover.

You’ll find complete games, experimental games, and supplements for famous games you definitely already know.

Whatever your interest, there’ll be something for you in the KiwiRPG tour. We’re excited to share our games with you!

KiwiRPG week begins Saturday 19 March. Don’t miss it! (Sign up for the emails!)

Monster of the Week by Michael Sands
Here is a KiwiRPG game you’ve heard about already.
Death of Legends
Here is a KiwiRPG game you probably don’t know yet. It’s free!

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